A SQL injection vulnerability in "/account/details.php" of WebsiteBaker 2.10.0

WebsiteBaker 2.10.0 has a SQL injection vulnerability in "/account/details.php".

More details will be release after it is fixed( 90 days after being fixed)

This bugs was discovered by ADLab of VenusTech.

In "/account/details.php", 
    Line 22 has a var named $display_name which can be controlled by browser side, it will cause line 44 to trigger a sql injection.

After checking the html, we found that $display_name can bypass escapeString.

   URL: http://localhost/websitebaker/account/preferences.php
   POST:action=details&display_name=24444' union select sleep(6)%23


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A Reflected XSS Vulnerability in wordpres plugin"raygun4wp"

A stored xss vulnerability in "/account/details.php" of WebsiteBaker 2.10.0